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So apparently wordpress.com is now blocking Megaupload links (pretty much every single link on this website is thus automatically dead). Which means that the place is pretty much useless for me now, so I’m moving this site to my server. All future releases will therefore be posted in http://puto.me – which also has all the old releases because I imported all the old posts into it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

tldr version; New website. Go there.

Detective Conan – 042 Remastered – The Karaoke Box Murder Case

So guys, remember when a while back I said I wouldn’t do any more Conan episodes?

…I lied. About 16 hours ago, a remaster of episode 42 aired on NTV. And because I’m completely insane, I’ve already subbed it. And damn, I’m tired. This is available in 720p; an SD release may or may not pop up in the future an SD release is also available now. Special thanks to bluesun for his invaluable help; without him, this wouldn’t have been anywhere near as fast as it was, or as good.

Download (Megaupload, HD)
Download (Megaupload, SD)
Torrent (HD)

Have fun!

One Piece Movie 3 HD – Chopper’s Kingdom in the Island of Strange Animals

And as promised, here’s movie 3. The soccer extra is also included. This is based on Cyberfreak-ISO’s transcript of the Kaizoku subtitles, but tweaked up to my usual standards, with several typos corrected, and the terminology tweaked up to match FUNimation’s subs. Also no untranslated idiocy like ‘nakama’ because seriously, that’s just daft, or unadapted wasei-eigos like ‘shoot’ for ‘shot’ in the soccer special.

Download: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Extra
Torrent: here.

Movie 4 will take a while since nobody did any transcript of it, meaning I’ll have to time it and transcribe it myself. Same for the other three.

See you next time!

One Piece Movie 2 HD – The Clockwork Island Adventure

Same deal as with movie 1. Tweaked up GoldenUmi’s script, which was in turned based on Kaizoku’s translation, and put that on a Blu-ray rip. The “Jango’s Dance Carnival” extra is included as a separate file, too

Audio is a direct stream copy of the JP Blu-ray’s Dolby TrueHD track — if you don’t get any audio, update your codecs.

Download (Megaupload): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Extra

Movie 3’s coming real soon now (only a few days), too… I’m looking into hopefully doing all of the movies up to and including 7 (for 8, buy the US Blu-ray; for 9 and 10, get Yibis’ releases).

And no, I won’t do 1080p rips. These transfers aren’t worth it.

Detective Conan – 132-134 v2

Okay, so I recently got my hands on better quality versions of the OPEDs, which in turn somehow drove me to fix up my not-so-old release of these episodes. Got bluesun to give the translation a look, too, fixing the translation on several lines, and I also changed the fonts to something that isn’t eye-bleeding (I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to use that on the old version). Encoding’s also better, since I switched to CRF a while back and the Conan episodes were done back when I was still using 2-pass. I also touched up on the wording of some sentences, including the episode’s title itself (while kijutsu aikōka can translate to “Magic Lover” if translating completely literally, the actual meaning in this situation is “amateur magician” (for those who care, 愛好家 [あいこうか] /(n) amateur/fancier/lover/worshipper/ – in-context, “amateur magician” makes more sense). Finally, I made sure there were no three-liners in this, something that somehow I missed the first time around. TLDR version: “this is better than the old version.”

Download links: 132, 133, 134. Much thanks to bluesun for looking over the entire translation.

I don’t know if I’ll do v2s for 126-127 or not. And no, I won’t sub any more Conan episodes, I’m just looking over stuff that I’ve already subbed before. Translating Conan’s deductions is painful.

One Piece movie 1 in Aitch Dee

So I recently purchased the Blu-ray to One Piece’s first movie from France. I ripped it, and after getting permission from him, added GoldenUmi’s subtitles (which in turn are based on Kaizoku-Fansubs’ translation, I think, but without the wapa). I tweaked the subs a little and fixed some typos, but by and large the subtitles in here are his work and Kaizoku-Fansubs’, so most of the credit goes to them. I’ll quote GoldenUmi’s comments from his torrent post on ADC (filtering out stuff that’s irrelevant):

I realize this movie has been released with English subtitles before (…) Also, I’ve changed the script to match up with FUNimation’s style, something I will be doing for all of my One Piece releases.

The original script comes from Kaizoku-Fansubs, which was then edited and distributed by Cyberfreak. I have made edits of my own. The Goie Goie Fruit has no official translation, so I chose to use “Scream Scream Fruit.” “Goie” is a play on “voice” in Japanese.

Finally, please support FUNimation and purchase the official version of this movie if/when it becomes avaiable.

Download (Megaupload): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Two Doraemon episodes

Well, Doraemon fans rejoice, for you get to watch two Doraemon episodes in one go; both from the current 2005 series.

First off, as Nobita is given a simple switch that can make people disappear, watch him understand what it’s like to be a tyrannical dictator. It’s The Dictator Switch!

And after that episode, help Nobita keep his favorite superhero series on the air in Space Tarzan!

This is again done together with [url=irc://irc.hoshinet.org/the-moonlighters]The Moonlighters[/url]. Special thanks to bluesun for having done some extra translation checking in the Dictator Switch episode. The episodes are numbered according to the DVD episode order, which is different than the TV episode order; I don’t really know where they fit in the TV numbering. Dictator Switch includes two dubs tracks (Castillan Spanish and Catalán) I had laying around as extras, Space Tarzan does not. That’s about it!