One Piece Movie 3 HD – Chopper’s Kingdom in the Island of Strange Animals

And as promised, here’s movie 3. The soccer extra is also included. This is based on Cyberfreak-ISO’s transcript of the Kaizoku subtitles, but tweaked up to my usual standards, with several typos corrected, and the terminology tweaked up to match FUNimation’s subs. Also no untranslated idiocy like ‘nakama’ because seriously, that’s just daft, or unadapted wasei-eigos like ‘shoot’ for ‘shot’ in the soccer special.

Download: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Extra
Torrent: here.

Movie 4 will take a while since nobody did any transcript of it, meaning I’ll have to time it and transcribe it myself. Same for the other three.

See you next time!

27 Responses to One Piece Movie 3 HD – Chopper’s Kingdom in the Island of Strange Animals

  1. jmaeshawn says:

    “Also no untranslated idiocy like ‘nakama’”

    I actually prefer having nakama left untranslated in One Piece because it does indeed mean a lot more than can be put into a single English word.

    • pu7o says:

      Well I don’t.

    • COO says:

      That’s not true ,it basically translates as friends,crew mates ,etc and sounds better translated .Also thanks for doing the older films Puto.Will you be doing 1080p for any of them ,the animation quality seems to get better from film 5 onwards.

      • pu7o says:

        I’ll consider it, but considering how long it takes me to encode just the 720p video, the idea of encoding a 1080p video scares me a bit.

        • COO says:

          Yeah it does take a hell of a long time,i know the older movies don’t really show much extra detail at 1080p as well and thats why i mentioned that they seem to look a bit better from movie 5 onwards & don’t think the older ones are worth you doing in 1080p .Thanks for the reply and movies 🙂

  2. SimmianPrime says:

    hmmm I guess the problem I had with trying to extract the script with the 2nd movie wasn’t the ordered chapters as I’m getting the same error with aegisub (failed parsing line) for this one and it doesn’t have chapters. I was able to extract the soccer specials script fine, I wonder why?

    Would be so kind as to post the script for the 3rd movie? (only for the purpose of changing the font for my own personal use)

    Thank you very much

  3. mark says:

    cara, sei que é pedir muito. mas tem como você postar seus animes tipo em um post unido ?
    tem umas coisas suas que queria baixar, mas ta tudo misturado e o search não ajuda muito
    obrigado e gosto demais do seu trabalho =)

  4. Pipex says:

    I don’t understand why some fansubs left it at nakama if they can translate it, i just can’t understand it -.-

    • Kaizoku Fansubs started that trend because they couldn’t think of a suitably powerful translation of Luffy’s “NAMI! OMAE WA ORE NO NAKAMA DA!!” at the end of the Arlong-saga. And since this line was so ungodly important, they deemed it completely justified to make up a new translation standard just for it. After that most of the other fansubbers just went along with that standard.
      Ironically, none of the official translators seemed to have any trouble with that line. Even 4Kids did okay on that one particular scene.

  5. Hana says:

    I really appreciate the time you took to do this! The last time I watched these they were super low quality. I can’t wait for movie 4 which is one of my favorites.

  6. hatamoto says:

    From , I found RAW OP movie 4,5,6 in HD. Will Puto translate it? I’ll be waiting for this….

  7. Bernd says: has some english/russian One Piece subs, but don’t know about source/quality (maybe they can be used for timing or something for the other OP movies; don’t know)

    And here is a transcript of that Baseball special (afaik it’s the movie 5 extra; translation by K-F):

    • pu7o says:

      The ones in that Russian site are just HK bootlegs; they’re barely readable. Thanks for the baseball special transcript though, that’ll come in handy when I get to M5.

      • Bernd says:

        It’s ’cause of that “I’ll have to time it […] myself”.
        I don’t know how you’d do that, but there might be ways which are (or might be) easier than to time it the ‘real way’:
        * using AVISubDetector (when video is not an avi you can convert it, e.g. with Pazera Free X to AVI Converter to a DivX-avi)
        * using SupRip (at least imho, it sometimes is annoying)
        * getting a timed script in any random language (e.g. looking at anidb to see which group released a mkv/ogm which might be softsubbed and checking it out, searching at nyaa/google or pages like (russian scripts there sometimes seem to be based on english translations, ’cause sometimes the script’s lines have the same structur as the lines in english (hard)subbed videos etc.)
        Timing than maybe needs some adjustment, but I’d guess it’s better than to time everything the ‘real way’/manually.

        Just btw and please don’t get this wrong:
        Are you interested in fixing some things?
        Would have transcript (timing usally through AVISubDetector, with a few edits) of the Pikachu shorts for movie 1&2 (GX_ST’s translation), Sonic 53&54 (TTP&GX_ST) and Pocket Monsters Movie 13 (timing by vietnamese guys and PM’s translation)? [no time to post them now, else I’d do it resp. didn’t ask the groups if they are fine with it; transcript of wpp’s Digimon Tamers Movie 2 and Frontier movie are already over there at Positron’s]

  8. Lol says:

    Completely offtopic, but why do you name yourself Puto?

    In my country is the same as fag, or cockmuncher, lol.

    Anyways, thanks for the release.

  9. Zach says:

    I’m a big fan of the work you do as well as a big fan of OP movie 6. If I were to transcribe the existing subs and time them, would you clean them up and use them for the HD release?

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